Friday, 21 October 2011

~Seven Simple Techniques to Improve Memory~

Most of us might have complained about our memory one time or other. But some of us have been frequently complaining about our poor memory. When I generally talk about poor memory, I am really talking about poor recollection. Recollection is possible only if the content is retained in memory. This is possible only if I have recorded it into memory. That is, unless I have not assimilated, I cannot recall at all.
Even if I record something correctly in my memory, I may not be able to recall it. This is due to many reasons, the main reasons being problems in retention and stress. Now let us discuss seven simple techniques to improve my memory in remembering surahs.
1.      I will divide the surah part by part. Its mean that, if the surah has 30 verses, I will divide it into three divisions. For example, in Surah Al-Mulk, there are 30 verses, so, I will separate in three divisions, first division consist of verse no one. Psychological bases for this strategy are CHUNKING.

2.      I will keep repeating a page by moving to the next page. For example, for 1 page, repeated it for 5 times. This psychological base known as MAINTENANCE REHEARSAL.

3.      I will use the same mushaf (reading material) or state at the same environment which are in terms of place and time. This psychological base is ENCODING SPECIFICITY.

4.      I will understand the meaning first before start memorizing the verse by reading the tafsir. This psychological base is known as PROCESSING MODEL.

5.      I will not do anything while memorizing the surah such as eating. This is because it will distract my attention. It is known as SELECTIVE ATTENTION.

6.      I will memorize with some tone i.e. rhymes and rhythms. Psychological bases for this strategy are RHYME.

7.      I will recite the surah before I go to sleep and keep repeating it. It is because it will make the memorization become easy. It can be known as AUTOMATIC ENCODING.  

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  1. nice post. but chunking works better if items are kept around 7.