Friday, 28 October 2011

~Reason Behind It~

Well after got headache doing my midterm exam for personality paper, time for me to relax my mind by surfing internet. When surfing internet, I straightly go to As I promised in last two post that I’ll share why Surah Al-Mulk become my optional surah. 

                The reason why I’m choosing this surah is because; I had memorized it previously when I was in form 2. So, having something that I have memorized before will not waste my time. Although I had put the surah in my long-term memory, I still  need to recall it back because without maintenance rehearsal, people might forget what they have memorized and it happened to me right now.

                With the other surah which is compulsory surah; surah Yassin, its actually I had memorized when I’m in form 2 as well, but at that time I were ask to memorize only until verses 26. It means I’ve another 57 verses to remember. And perhaps I can do this task easily with guidance of Allah.

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