Friday, 28 October 2011

~Reason Behind It~

Well after got headache doing my midterm exam for personality paper, time for me to relax my mind by surfing internet. When surfing internet, I straightly go to As I promised in last two post that I’ll share why Surah Al-Mulk become my optional surah. 

                The reason why I’m choosing this surah is because; I had memorized it previously when I was in form 2. So, having something that I have memorized before will not waste my time. Although I had put the surah in my long-term memory, I still  need to recall it back because without maintenance rehearsal, people might forget what they have memorized and it happened to me right now.

                With the other surah which is compulsory surah; surah Yassin, its actually I had memorized when I’m in form 2 as well, but at that time I were ask to memorize only until verses 26. It means I’ve another 57 verses to remember. And perhaps I can do this task easily with guidance of Allah.

Friday, 21 October 2011

~Seven Simple Techniques to Improve Memory~

Most of us might have complained about our memory one time or other. But some of us have been frequently complaining about our poor memory. When I generally talk about poor memory, I am really talking about poor recollection. Recollection is possible only if the content is retained in memory. This is possible only if I have recorded it into memory. That is, unless I have not assimilated, I cannot recall at all.
Even if I record something correctly in my memory, I may not be able to recall it. This is due to many reasons, the main reasons being problems in retention and stress. Now let us discuss seven simple techniques to improve my memory in remembering surahs.
1.      I will divide the surah part by part. Its mean that, if the surah has 30 verses, I will divide it into three divisions. For example, in Surah Al-Mulk, there are 30 verses, so, I will separate in three divisions, first division consist of verse no one. Psychological bases for this strategy are CHUNKING.

2.      I will keep repeating a page by moving to the next page. For example, for 1 page, repeated it for 5 times. This psychological base known as MAINTENANCE REHEARSAL.

3.      I will use the same mushaf (reading material) or state at the same environment which are in terms of place and time. This psychological base is ENCODING SPECIFICITY.

4.      I will understand the meaning first before start memorizing the verse by reading the tafsir. This psychological base is known as PROCESSING MODEL.

5.      I will not do anything while memorizing the surah such as eating. This is because it will distract my attention. It is known as SELECTIVE ATTENTION.

6.      I will memorize with some tone i.e. rhymes and rhythms. Psychological bases for this strategy are RHYME.

7.      I will recite the surah before I go to sleep and keep repeating it. It is because it will make the memorization become easy. It can be known as AUTOMATIC ENCODING.  

Sunday, 9 October 2011

~Have To Complete It~

Last post, I’m not telling yet about my subjects that I take this semester. So, this post I’ll tell about my subjects in semester 1 2011/2012. Okay, this semester I’m taking six core course subjects and one compulsory subject. The six core course subjects are PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTIC, PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY, LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY, ISLAM & PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY and RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. And the compulsory subject is ARAB LEVEL VI

So, with the six core course subjects, my credit hours are 18 plus compulsory subject 0.5 plus cocu 1 equal to 19.5. Seems like inviting the troubles, but then, I’ve to force myself to catch up all seven subjects. 

Since I’m choosing LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY as my subjects this semester, my lecturer assigned us (students) to complete some project. The name of the project is MEMORIZING SURAHS IN THE QURAN. The objective is to apply principle of memory and retention to memorize 2 surahs from Quran. So, I have been given 3 surahs. ONE is COMPULSORY which is YASSIN. And the other TWO is OPTIONAL which are AL-MULK and AL-WAQIAH

I’m choosing AL-MULK as my optional surah. That’s means; I’ve to memorize YASSIN and AL-MULK to complete the task given by lecturer. I’ve start to memorize from 3 OCTOBER 2011 until the end of the project. So, in the next two post, I’ll share some reasons why I choosed Al-Mulk as my optional surah.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

~In A Jiffy~

My name is SITI NADZIRAH BINTI NOORDIN. 1016368 I was born in 1990, means now I'm 21 YEARS OLD. I’m studying at INTERNATIONAL ISLAMIC UNIVERSITY MALAYSIA. Since I’m one of HUMAN SCIENCE students, I have been given the opportunity to choose one out of five specializations. There are Communication, Political Science, Sociology & Anthropology, History & Civilization and Psychology. So with those five courses, I have chosen PSYCHOLOGY as my specialization. This is because I like to have knowledge about behavior n mental process in human and animal’s life. 

                I just want to let you all know that, some people believe psychology is just study of people and what makes them tick. Psychologist does study of people, but they study animals too. What makes people and animals ‘tick’ is what goes on inside their bodies and brains as well as what they do. So, when we talk about behavior, it includes all of our outward or overt actions and reactions such as talking, facial expressions, and movement. The term mental processes refer to all intervals, covert activity of our minds, such as thinking, feeling, and remembering.  

                So, that’s the reason why I’m choosing Psychology as my specialization. By the way, I think it’s enough for today. I’ll update a lot of stories in my days. See u in the next post.