Sunday, 9 October 2011

~Have To Complete It~

Last post, I’m not telling yet about my subjects that I take this semester. So, this post I’ll tell about my subjects in semester 1 2011/2012. Okay, this semester I’m taking six core course subjects and one compulsory subject. The six core course subjects are PSYCHOLOGICAL STATISTIC, PERSONALITY PSYCHOLOGY, LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY, ISLAM & PSYCHOLOGY, DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY and RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. And the compulsory subject is ARAB LEVEL VI

So, with the six core course subjects, my credit hours are 18 plus compulsory subject 0.5 plus cocu 1 equal to 19.5. Seems like inviting the troubles, but then, I’ve to force myself to catch up all seven subjects. 

Since I’m choosing LEARNING PSYCHOLOGY as my subjects this semester, my lecturer assigned us (students) to complete some project. The name of the project is MEMORIZING SURAHS IN THE QURAN. The objective is to apply principle of memory and retention to memorize 2 surahs from Quran. So, I have been given 3 surahs. ONE is COMPULSORY which is YASSIN. And the other TWO is OPTIONAL which are AL-MULK and AL-WAQIAH

I’m choosing AL-MULK as my optional surah. That’s means; I’ve to memorize YASSIN and AL-MULK to complete the task given by lecturer. I’ve start to memorize from 3 OCTOBER 2011 until the end of the project. So, in the next two post, I’ll share some reasons why I choosed Al-Mulk as my optional surah.


  1. this is a huge load for the semester, good luck!

  2. hehe...tq mdm..i know its quite difficult to handle 7 sbjects, but i have to try mdm...